Stop worrying about money. Forever.
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YES! I want the $100K Freedom Formula Course
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"The easiest way to grow a successful business is with a simple system and a coach to guide you through. A training course with anything less, is just that - a training course, but a step-by-step map and ongoing support to generate your first or next $100K changes lives."  
Make Your First (or Next!) $100K with 10 Easy 
Take-Action Videos, Worksheets & Maximizers
Easy to understand videos just like the one above that will give you the step-by-step plan and confidence to generate $100K. 
Each video lesson has a custom worksheet to create the exact roadmap to the income and lifestyle you deserve. 
This is the cherry on top! Every lesson also has an ACTION MAXIMIZER to accelerate your plan towards $100K ASAP!

(a $1,500 value all by itself!)
Because every gold medalist needs a coach to 
perform their best - and that means you too! 
What You'll Learn in the Course
Super Skills vs. Regular Skills
So you don't waste time doing things that drain you
($47 value)

Dash to Cash Challenge
So you can start making money right away
($47 value)

Designing a Business That You Love
So you don't make a crucial little known mistake
($47 value)

Setting Up Your Strategic Systems
So you don't get overwhelmed
($47 value)

Connect with Your Best Customers
Because they'll always pay you the most!
($47 value)

6 Steps to a 6 Figure Launch
So you don't waste time doing the wrong things 
($47 value)

The Business of Doing Business
So you don't risk losing it all along the way
($47 value)

Action + Accountability = Achievement
Discover the premium fuel for your engine!
($47 value)

Know Your Numbers 101
Because if you're in business, it's a must
($47 value)

ReadySetGo Guide for GirlPreneurs
Because we can make the world a better place by teaching girls how to 
make their own money... One GirlPreneuer at at time <3
($47 value)

 Video Coaching & Private Facebook Group
Because a course is worthless without advice when you need it,
 and on-going coaching so you don't have to do it all by yourself!
($1,500++ value)
Launch Your $100K Freedom Lifestyle Today
What Clients Are Saying...

"Julie's expertise, compassion and passion are unbeatable, and her methodology is solid and easy to use.  She imparts sometimes challenging information is a way that is easy to understand and implement.  But my highest praise is for Julie herself.  She is coach and mentor of the highest order.  She cares, she listens and she pushes.  She has an ability to see through the crap and get to the heart of the matter.  What's stopping you from growing your business to it's highest potential?  What's in your way and how do you move around it?  She'll get you to find the answers with love, compassion and humor.  Every female entrepreneur needs Julie's coaching!! -Tracy M.

"Combining her extensive business experience with her passion for helping women succeed, Julie has created a program that not only helps women business owners dream big and set long term goals, but gives them the tools they need to make it happen on a day by day basis.  Through her training program I have been able to visually layout a growth plan for my business, set attainable goals and create action steps to accomplish those goals.  Her program takes difficult business concepts and explains them in easy-to-understand actionable steps. 

Not only is the curriculum and program she created top notch, it is Julie herself who truly makes her programs stand out above the rest. She is passionate about the women in her program, always willing to answer questions and help meet their individual needs. She also creates a powerful community through her Facebook group, and her yearly Symposia conference. She is an incredible mentor, role model, and advisor...Julie’s hands-on approach will offer tremendous value to the women you support." - Dezerai S.

"I’ve been working with Julie for over a year now and although I’ve been in business for awhile….I find I need support with not being “stuck”. As a woman, I love that Julie has so much experience in business and beyond. Her professionalism is constant and inspiring."  -Melissa R.

"I wanted to send you a personal thank you, thank you for your community, thank you for your inspiration, thank you for being a woman who we can learn from, who inspires and nurtures us so we too can make strides towards our #FierceGoals!" - Claudia P.

YES! I want the $100K Freedom Formula Course  
to turn my passion into profit and never worry about 
having enough money ever again! 

Only $197 Today ($1,970 Value!)

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